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Police blotter

April 22-28, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

April 22

An intoxicated man was banging on the windows of another person's apartment. It was a verbal argument over motorhome keys and cats. The intoxicated man was trespassed from the residence.

Search & Rescue: A caller suspected their father might have been attacked by a bear while searching for their lost dog. Officers responded to the area and began looking for the man. It was determined that he was lost in the woods and was not attacked by a bear. Once daylight arrived, search and rescue personnel responded to the scene and the man was successfully located and retrieved from the woods.

Fish & Game: A man was seen feeding the eagles outside of Cottonwood Manor Apartments. The Community Safety Officer tried to contact the individual but he wouldn't answer the door. The Valdez Police Department would like to remind citizens that feeding of wildlife is prohibited and violators can be issued a citation.

April 23

Camping: Officers contacted an individual with a truck and trailer in a day use area on Airport Road and advised them that they could not camp in the area and would need to move on. The individual complied.

Fish & Game: An "injured" eagle was reported near the inbound side of the Richardson Highway by Mark's Repair. The Animal Control Officer responded and found the eagle had flown into a tree and appeared to be okay. #eaglefaker #sandbaggin

Traffic Hazard: Dispatch received a report of a possible traffic hazard to pedestrians or bicycles near the new harbor project. Responding officers were unable to locate the cause of the hazard.

April 24

Disturbance – Noise: Officers contacted an individual at a local residence in regards to a complaint of loud music. Although it would severely limit the amount of fun he had been having, the individual agreed to dampen the volume at his one-man party.

Animal at Large: A small black dog was reported to be causing "chaos" and "mayhem" at the parent pick-up/drop-off side of HHES by running around the area barking, yipping and scaring the kids. The dog went on his way prior to officers arriving on scene and it could not be located in the area.

Animal at Large: A medium sized white dog was reported as being an unwanted guest in the yard of a resident on N. Snowtree for the third time this week. That dog also was gone from the area when the Animal Control Officer responded to the call.

Animal at Large: A large Newfoundland type dog dragging a chain was reported running at large on Eagle Avenue. The owner was contacted and the dog was secured to its residence.

Agency Assist: Officers assisted the Juvenile Probation Officer with conducting a drug test UA on a juvenile.

Animal at Large: A husky was reported at large in Valdez Mobile Home Park.

Animal at Large: A husky/German shepherd mix dog was reported running on the Richardson Highway.

Fish & Game: A deceased sea otter was reported near the kayak launch bby the Ferry Terminal. The SeaLife Center in Seward was contacted, but they declined to collect the carcass for testing as there was advanced decomposition. #theysaidweotterkeepit

Threat: Officer issued a Disorderly Conduct warning to one individual after a concerned parent called 911 to report her adult son had been threatened by a neighbor.

April 25

Disturbance: A caller reported his intoxicated roommate was threatening him and wouldn't leave the residence. An officer responded to the residence and found that it was a verbal argument over a burrito. Both subjects were highly intoxicated and also under the influence of cannabis. #burritobeef

Trespassing: A man who was believed to have been previously trespassed from a hotel allegedly returned and was banging on one of the doors. The subject was gone prior to officer's arrival. No arrests were made because the complainant was unable to fully identify who the individual was.

Extra Patrol: A business requested extra patrol at closing time due to suspicious individuals who were inquiring about how much employees get paid and when closing time was.

April 26

EOD Training: Officers participated in EOD Training.

Civil Dispute: A caller requested to speak with an officer in regards to being kicked out of her residence by her mother and unable to get her belongings. She was advised to contact the court for paperwork that would allow officers to assist her.

Welfare Check: A man was laying on the curb outside a local business. An officer assisted the individual in getting home.

Driving While License Revoked: Tristan Barnes, DOB 07/21/1994, of Valdez was issued a citation for Driving w/ a Revoked License.

Parking Problems: Vehicles without handicap placards were reported parked in handicapped parking at the Civic Center. Officers patrolled the area and issued citations for Unauthorized Parking.

April 27

Animal Impound: A large brown dog was running loose on Resurrection Loop. The Community Safety Officer collected the dog and brought it to the shelter.

Parking Problems: Vehicles, once again, were reported to be parked in handicapped parking and did not have handicap placards displayed. More citations were issued. #noplacardnoparky

Welfare Check: A caller reported that there was something wrong with a pedestrian and requested them to be check on. Officers responded and found that the pedestrian was highly intoxicated and having a difficult time staying on the sidewalk. The officer assisted the individual with a ride to their home.

EM Case Work: A client on electronic monitoring had a low battery alert on their GPS monitor. They were given a verbal warning for not following PED instructions.

April 28

Animal Impound: Two golden retrievers walking into a local bar. Attempts were made to contact the owner but were not successful. They were 86'd from the bar and brought to the shelter. #twodogswalkintoabar

Post-Conviction EM: Curtis Lucious Thomas, DOB 09/12/1977, of Valdez was placed on home confinement to serve a three-day sentence. Original charge was DUI.

Total calls for police and animal control: 117


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