Valdez Police Department 

Police blotter

April 29 - May 5, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

April 29

Arrested: Melissa S. Elliot, DOB 05/29/1969, of Valdez, for Violating Conditions of Release. Original charge Assault 4.

Fish & Game: The animal shelter received a report one of the swans at milepost 7 may be injured or dead. The Animal Control Officer did a welfare check on the swans and both appeared to be fine.

Disturbance Other: A man reported a guy just cut his bike tire. An officer responded to the scene and both parties agreed to take care of it between the two of them.

Abandoned Vehicle: A junked vehicle was reported to be dragged out to a snow lot in Alpine Woods and left there. Officers responded to the area and discovered the responsible party had already moved the vehicle to another area. #snowdumps #notcardumps

Suspicious Vehicle: A suspicious vehicle drove through the elementary school parking lot and along the fence line. Officers contacted the owner of the vehicle, who stated he was with someone with the school who was requesting a quote to clean up the area.

Suspicious Activity: A caller wanted to have the police "note" she thinks her neighbor is entering her residence while she's teaching yoga. #crowpose #todownwardfacingburglar

Information: Officers responded to a report of a shirtless man who entered a vehicle and turned it off after it was reportedly playing intensely loud music. Officers attempted to contact the suspect at his residence but were unable to do so.

Arrested: Vincent Francis Doyle Kalchik, DOB 02/27/1992, of Anchorage arrested on an APD warrant for FTA for arraignment. OC False ID.

April 30

Arrested: Tristan Dean Harvey, DOB 02/16/1997, of Valdez was arrested for Violating Conditions of Release after he failed his weekly UA.

Assault Info: A father reported his daughter was assaulted by a boy at the middle school. This complaint is currently under investigation.

May 1

Public Assistance: An officer assisted a man to his residence after he fell off his bike while intoxicated. #BUI #ouch

Parking: The Harbor Master requested officers contact the owner of a vehicle parked in the dry dock area, as they had scheduled parking lines to be painted that day. Officers were successful in contacting the owner who complied and moved their vehicle.

MVC-Damage: VPD Dispatch received a call of a single-motor vehicle collision near the Harbor Master's Office. The vehicle struck a guide wire for an electrical pole, subsequently causing an outage. Thomas Lopez, DOB 08/25/1956, of Valdez was issued a citation for Expired Registration and Proof of Insurance.

Stop FI: An officer made contact with a man walking down Airport Road late in the evening. The man was just looking for goats. #GoatPatrol

Stop FI: While on patrol, an officer came across a vehicle parked by the Valdez Glacier area with alcohol, a purse, and cell phone in plain site with no one around. Shortly after, the officer made contact with a small group of people planning on having a bonfire and consuming alcohol. The officer advised them to go elsewhere.

May 2

Disturbance Other: Officers were requested at a residence. The caller reported no DV had occurred, but he wanted assistance getting people to leave his residence. When officers arrived, everything appeared OK, and the individuals were leaving on their own accord.

Fraud: VPD received a report that someone called from 831-6159 requesting his credit card information. #not8675309? #Didntseemlegit

Phone Person: A caller reported they asked their landlord to fix their lock and add a deadbolt. When she returned home, she found a maintenance man inside her home. An officer spoke with the landlord so the tenant and landlord understood that the tenant needs to be notified before making entry.

Trespassing: A woman trespassed from Rainbow Apartments and Cedar Apartments until the woman and the landlord can get something figured out. (Unrelated to previous call)

Animal at Large: A big dog with long black hair and a white head was reported running at large in the complainant's yard. Officers were unable to find any dogs at large in the area.

May 3

MVC-Injury: A multi-vehicle collision happened at the intersection of Chitina and Egan. A minor injury was reported and EMS crews were requested to the scene.

Civil Standby: The USCG requested officers stand by while they contacted individuals who had reportedly cleaned up an oil spill.

Parking: A warning was issued for parking sideways on North Harbor Drive.

May 4:

Animal at Large: A black lab puppy walked into a local business. Officers picked up the dog and turned it over to the Animal Shelter. #Youdogscantkeepdoingthis #jokesaremadeofthis

Found Property: VPD found a black cane or sword at the gas pump at Captain Joes. Contact VPD to claim. #IsyournameIndigoMontoya? #OrHuggyBear?

Public Service: VPD gave presentations at the Alaska Youth Court conference.

Public Assist: Officers assisted with traffic control for the Tutu Fun Run.

Information: A group of side-by-sides were reported at the head of the Alpetco trail with the gate open. Officers spoke to Parks & Rec and were informed that the individuals have a key to the gate in order to access private property.

Animal at Large: A small puppy was reported sitting on the side of the street and looked lost. The Animal Control Officer was unable to find any dog matching that description in the area.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: VPD received three reports of a highly intoxicated male pedestrian stumbling down the street and into the ditch without shoes or a shirt. The man was reported to only be wearing pajama bottoms. Officers located the man and gave him a ride to a friend's residence who would take care of him.

EOD Training: Officers participated in EOD training.

Municipal Violation: Two males were reported drinking beer down at Dock Point. Officers contacted the individuals who were not drinking beer at that given time but were reminded it is impermissible to do so. #GreenTeaOk #Beernotok #kombuchaok #MaiTaiNotOK

911 Hang Up: VPD received a 911 hang up. Officers made contact with the caller who stated he was dealing with a drunk guy but doesn't need help at this time. He stated he would call back if he needed assistance.

Trespassing: A man was contacted while he was walking around the New Harbor Project. The man was escorted off the property and given a Trespass Warning, #NoSneakyPeaky #ComebackJune22nd

Animal at Large: Two small dogs, one wearing a pink sweater, were reported running loose in the caller's yard. Officers responded and were unable to find any animals at large in the area. #sorrywemissedyou #Heardyouhadasweetsweater

May 5

Fish & Game: The Animal Control Officer made contact with motorists who were watching a coyote.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a dog at large on their property. The caller called back moments later to report the owner had retrieved the dog.

Assist Medical: Officers assisted EMS crews on a medical call.

Theft Property: Two deck winches were reported to have been taken from the crane dock vicinity. Upon investigation, the winches had been moved to another location by a crew asked to tidy the area up. They were recovered and returned. No crime committed.

Animal at Large: Two dogs were reported at large running around Clark and Egan. Officers were unable to locate any dogs in the area.

Welfare Check: VPD dispatch received a 911 hang up. Officers responded to the location and verified everything was all right.

Parking: An officer issued a warning for parking in a loading zone along North Harbor Drive.

Total calls for police and animal control: 101


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