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May 6 - 12, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

May 6

Stop FI: A man was contacted by an officer after leaving the Civic Centeter early in the morning. Officers confirmed the man was part of the custodial staff tasked with cleaning the facility.

Medical: Officers responded to a call of a man possibly overdosing on heroin. Officers administered Narcan and stabilized the man until EMS arrived.

Welfare Check: A woman, normally punctual, failed to show up for work. Her employer called officers to request a welfare check. While on the phone with the officers, the employee called their employer. No further action taken.

Serve Time: Justin Michael Brown, DOB 9/20/1986, of Copper Center reported to Valdez Jail to serve time for DUI out of Glennallen.

Animal Cruelty: VPD received a report of a drunk man kicking a puppy in the middle of the street. The Animal Control Officer, along with an officer, responded and conducted an investigation. The pedestrian informed officers he was not kicking the dog, but was using his legs to keep the dog from repeatedly jumping on him. The dog was examined for injuries and assessed for any noticeable signs of fear. None were observed.

Intoxicated Pedestrian: The same man in the above call was reported to be highly intoxicated at the Post Office trying to enter the postmaster's office. An officer gave the man a rid home and turned him over to a responsible party. #wedeliverforyou

Lost Property: An envelope was reported lost with cash in it. If found, please turn it into VPD.

Domestic Disturbance: A male and female were reported arguing by the skate park. Officers responded to find it was a verbal argument only. The female was having a hard time dealing with the recent loss of a family member.

Animal at Large: Two dogs (one a long-haired black dog with a white tail, the other a sleek black dog with white front paws) were reported at large. The caller indicated that this is a recurring issue. Officers located the dogs and transported them to the animal shelter.

May 7

Found Property: A chainsaw was found by an officer while on patrol. Please contact VPD to claim.

Criminal Mischief: VPD investigated a report of vandals who spray painted the Caples Memorial site, the old trap range building, and trees along the bike trail between Wood Way and the Glacier Stream Bridge. A CASH REWARD IS BEING OFFERED FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE PROSECUTION OF THE INDIVIDUAL(S) RESPONSIBLE #notcool

Foot Patrol: An officer performed foot patrol around the Gilson Middle School and Valdez High School.

Animal at Large: A black lab with a blue collar was reported running at large in Valdez Mobile Home Park. The same complainant called back hours later and reported the dog was back at their residence. The animal was picked up by an officer and brought to the Animal Shelter.

Assist Medical: An officer assisted EMS crews on a medical call.

Phone Person: VPD received a report from a man stating his ex-wife has been calling him accusing him of entering her residence., moving things and taking items. Officers made contact with both parties, who elected not to pursue matter through the police department.

Disturbance Other: VPD dispatch received a 911 hang up. Dispatch called the number back and the woman requested officers to her residence to escort her extremely intoxicated daughter off her property. Whle on the phone with dispatch, the daughter willingly left the residence.

Agency Assist: While on patrol, an officer noticed a commotion down at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. One of the boats was taking on water and a crew was trying to secure the boat with sump pumps.

May 8

Animal at Large: A caller reported their neighbor's dog has been running loose for two weeks. Officers responded and were unable to locate the dog. The original complainant later brought the dog into the animal shelter. The owner was subsequently issued citations for Dog at Large.

Bear Incident: A bear on the tideflats was causing traffic congestion. Officers responded to find the bear and traffic had already moved on.

Neighbor Issues: VPD received a report that the caller's neighbor was using a backhoe to cover/bury culverts which could cause a flood. The caller was advised to contact their neighbor for an amicable resolution.

Public Assist: The School Resource Officer assisted in removing a toy that was stuck on a student's arm by applying soap and water.

Phone Person: Officers assisted fire crews on an active fire call.

ETOH Pedestrian: An officer gave an intoxicated female a ride home after VPD dispatch received a call reporting she was having difficulty walking down Pioneer Street.

Bear Incident: VPD dispatch received a call that there was a bear making bear noises in the bushes by Evergreen Vista Apartments. Officers were unable to respond due to being on calls for service at the time.

May 9

Bar Disturbance: A bar patron reported that they were sucker-punched in the face by an unknown individual. Officers arrived at the bar and were unable to ascertain a physical altercation had occurred. All involved parties were sent home.

Public Service: The School Resource Officer went to the elementary school to read to the kindergarteners.

Fish and Game: A dead eagle was reported on the Dock Point trail. An officer located the eagle and confirmed it was dead. The officer then contacted US Fish and Wildlife for proper disposal.

Trespassing: A local business reported an individual refusing to leave their establishment after being told several times to not come back. The owner requested that the individual be formally advised by law enforcement. Officers were able to locate the individual and formally trespass them from the business.

Animal Noise: A complaint was made about a dog barking in a vehicle outside of a local business all day. An officer contacted the business and requested that the owner of the dog do something with the animal so it would stop barking.

Fraud: A City of Valdez department received a phone call from someone claiming to be customer service for their printer. They requested a model number from their printer. The employee did not give any of the information and told them they didn't have the type of printer they were asking about and then the person who called hung up.

Parking Issues: A caller reported construction trucks were parked on a corner and creating a potential hazard. An officer contacted the construction company and they agreed to move their vehicles.

May 10

Fish and Game: A caller reported an eagle in distress that wasn't leaving the area and was hopping on the ground instead of flying. The caller was advised that eagles can stay in one spot for up to 24 hours. An officer attempted to find the distressed eagle but was unable to find it and believed it had finally left the area.

May 11

Suspicious Activity: A caller reported seeing lights on in a business after hours and was concerned someone might be in the building. Officers found no one inside the business and everything was secure.

Disturbance Other: A disturbance at an RV park was reported between two individuals. Officers investigated and found that the wife did not want the husband to go to the bar. Both were intoxicated and were told to keep it down. The argument was verbal only.

Public Drinking: On regular patrol an officer found people drinking at the Dock Point picnic area. The individuals advised they had a permit for the day to have alcohol in the picnic area. It was found that the permit was approved and they were not cited for drinking in the area.

May 12

Suspicious Person: Dispatch could hear an individual screaming outside of the police department. Officers investigated and found a distressed, intoxicated individual. The officers gave the individual a ride to their residence to sleep it off.

Agency Assist: The FAA requested officers to go to the Valdez airport to help locate an overdue plane. The plane was located at the airport and the FAA was notified accordingly.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was set off at the harbormaster's office. It was found that it was set off by construction workers.

Animal Impound: A report of a loose dog in the 10-mile area was reported. Animal control retrieved the dog and impounded it at the animal shelter. The owner came and bailed out their dog and was issued a Dog at Large citation. Several hours later another call came in about the same dog being loose. The dog was again picked up and transported to the animal shelter.

Welfare Check: A husband, who was out of town for business, requested a welfare check on his wife who he hadn't heard from in a couple of days. With help from family members the officers were able to locate his wife and confirm that she was ok.

Theft of Property: A local resident reported the theft of several items from their backyard. This case is currently under investigation.

Total calls for police and animal control: 140


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