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Police blotter

May 20-26, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

May 20

Officers spoke to two complainants regarding a stolen celluar phone.

Theft Money: Officers are investigating the report of approximately $350 stolen from a purse located inside an office. Anyone with any additional information can call the Valdez Police Department.

Animal Aggression: The Animal Control Officer is investigating a report of a dog attacking another dog.

Fraud: A Valdez resident reported receiving a fraudulent phone call from what showed up as a local cell phone number and wanted to let VPD know about another potential phone scam going around. The scam caller stated he was from a federal savings bureau and when the complainant replied that there wasn't a federal saving bureau in Valdez, the caller hung up. No scamming occurred. The VPD would like to remind everyone to never give out personal information over the phone.

Animal Info: The Animal Control Officer investigated a report of a possible overheated and panting dog locked in a parked vehicle. It was determined the windows were down enough to allow air ventilation and the dog was fine.

Lost Property: A Stihl chainsaw with 20" bar, yellow pull cord and yellow tape on handle was reported stolen from a truck parked in Valdez Mobile Home Park. Further inquiries determined the chainsaw was most likely lost and not stolen. If found, please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Theft Other: A Smith & Wesson pistol was reported possibly stolen from a residence sometime over the past month. If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the VPD.

Harassment: A caller reported being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. The caller stated he was being aggressive in his demeanor towards her and that she wanted a restraining order. Officers spoke with the complainant and provided advice for the process to obtain a protective order.

ETOH Pedestrian: An obviously intoxicated pedestrian was reported as trying to make their way down Fairbanks Drive. Before officers arrived on scene to assist, the caller reported the pedestrian had found their way home and was no longer weaving in and out of the street.

May 21

Trespassing: Officers gave a verbal warning to an individual for trespassing after he was found on property he did not have permission to be on.

Littering: A citation for littering was issued to one individual after their car was found parked on city property with an assortment of beverage containers creating a mess all around it.

Motor Vehicle Accident-Damage: Motor Vehicle Crash forms were issued following an incident where one driver backed into another parked vehicle on private property.

Family Issues: Officers attempted to mediate between individuals formerly involved in a relationship regarding some property to be returned.

Civil Dispute: A complainant reported that his landlord entered his rented room without his permission. Officers contacted the landlord and let him know that he cannot enter people's rooms without permission.

Motor Vehicle Accident-Damage: A minor accident occurred on private property in a parking lot. The drivers exchanged information and officers issued Motor Vehicle Crash forms.

Animal at Large: A Rottweiler dog running around and chasing kids was reported in the area of Alpine Woods Park. The Animal Control Officer coordinated with the owner to get the dog back home with a verbal warning to not let the dog run at large.

Animal Bite: A dog bite was reported to have occurred. Officers spoke with the owner of the dog, who decided to surrender the animal to be euthanized as the attack on her friend was unprovoked and not the first time the dog had bitten someone.

Lost Property: A complainant requested officer assistance in locating a guitar with sentimental value that had been misplaced or left behind after leaving town.

Parking: While loading his boat onto a trailer at the small boat harbor boat ramp, the brakes failed on the truck and it rolled back into the harbor finally coming to a stop when it was submerged in the water. The truck was pronounced a total loss once it was towed back onto dry land.

May 22

Open Door: A caller reported that while video chatting, her friend told her to call 911 immediately and get the cops to her location at a local business. Responding officers found the cause for the call was a door to the business had been left propped open after operating house. Officers performed a walk-through, found nothing amiss, and secured the door.

Littering: A verbal warning for littering was issued to an individual who had set their trash cans out without any lids which resulted in mess spread about by birds.

Littering: A second person was given a verbal warning for littering after not securing their garbage which resulted in a mess.

Motor Vehicle Collision-Damage: A collision resulting in damage, but no injuries, occurred on North Harbor Drive.

Lost Property: A men's wallet containing all the usual accoutrements was reported lost somewhere in the vicinity of the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. If found, please return to the Valdez Police Department.

Fish & Game: A feisty marmot who had taken up residence in a parked vehicle on North Harbor Drive claimed squatting rights and refused to vacate the premises despite extensive tactics employed by both animal control and police officers. The marmot eventually left his newfound residence on his own terms.

ATV: Officers contacted a juvenile operating an ATV on a city street and because he only had an instructional permit, he was advised to park the ATV. The officer explained where he can and cannot ride to both the juvenile and his father. VPD would like to remind citizens that underage and unlicensed drivers cannot drive ATVs on city streets.

Civil Dispute: Officers were requested to speak to an individual who had some complaints regarding a custody agreement their ex-husband was not abiding by. Responding officers determined that the "custody agreement" was not a court order, but rather a series of texts between both parties discussing how they would divvy up childcare and told the complainant that is was a civil issue.

Harassment: A woman reported her ex-boyfriend was posting lies and slander about her on Facebook and requested officer assistance with getting him to remove the post. It was explained that the issue was a civil matter.

May 23

Intoxicated Pedestrian: A man wearing dark clothing was reportedly sleeping under a bench. Officers were unable to locate anyone in said area matching the description.

Civil Dispute: An individual requested to speak to an officer regarding a ticket they had received for no insurance. They stated that when they purchased the vehicle, they were not provided the proper paperwork for them to get insurance. They were referred to DMV to get the proper paperwork.

Fish & Game: Another nuisance marmot was in a vehicle at the middle school. An officer decided to leave it alone and wait for it to crawl out on its own. His instincts later proved to be correct. Not only did it crawl out on its own, it found a much nicer residence in the form of his police vehicle. After some sweet words and coaxing from the officer, the marmot crawled out and went on its way.

May 24

Agency Assist: A can of pink paint fell out of a vehicle by Salmon Turnaround. Dispatch contacted Department of Environmental Conservation.

Trespassing: A caller wanted to speak to an officer about having an individual trespassed off their property.

Fraud: A local business reported fraudulent checks on their account were being cashed outside the Valdez area. This case is currently under investigation.

Found Property: A 10-Speed bike was found at the Kiosk off the Richardson Hwy. Contact the Valdez Police Department with descriptors to claim.

Animal at Large: A chocolate lab was running loose in the Safeway parking lot. The owner was by loading the dock and retrieved the dog.

Extra Patrol: Officers were requested to patrol around the college dorms during an event taking place for high school students over the weekend.

Animal Bite: An individual put their hand in a kennel at the shelter resulting in them getting bit by a dog.

Trespassing: A caller requested an individual who is causing a disturbance at their residence to be trespassed. An officer contacted the individual and gave them their trespass advisement.

May 25

Intoxicated Pedestrian: An intoxicated individual was reportedly trying to get in to the back door at Safeway. An officer patrolled around the area and found no one in the area.

Camping: An individual reported someone was camping at the community garden. An officer advised the individual that camping was not allowed and to move on.

Assist EMS: An officer assisted EMS on a medical call.

May 26

Citizen Contact: An officer observed an intoxicated individual was having difficulty riding their skateboard down the middle of the road. They were advised to stay off the roadway and to use the pedestrian paths.

Welfare Check: A caller requested a welfare check on an individual who had posted on social media indicating they wanted to commit suicide. Officers responded to the last known address to find out that they no longer reside in Valdez and their whereabouts were unknown. Their posts were monitored and no self-harm was evident.

Animal at Large: A yellow lab found wandering on W. Egan was dropped off at the shelter.

Trespassing: A local business requested to have two individuals trespassed by officers. They were later located and given their trespass advisement.

Total calls for police and animal control: 144


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