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May 27-June 2, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

May 27

Suspicious vehicle: A vehicle was reported as suspicious after it parked in an area of a parking lot normally only used for employees and no one exited the vehicle although it repeatedly was turned on and off. Officers contacted an occupant who had just arrived in Valdez and wanted a place to park for the night. Officers directed the driver to a more suitable location.

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted EMS with a medical call.

Welfare Check: A passerby reported an intoxicated male sitting outside a residence was stating he needed help. Officers were able to contact individuals to assist with the intoxicated person.

EM Case Work: Two clients on electronic monitoring provided mandatory urinalysis samples and passed.

May 28

Littering: Officers notified the occupant of a residence where birds were getting into trash and spreading garbage around. The owner of the property cleaned up the mess.

Camping: An officer followed up on reports about an individual camping in the vicinity of the community garden. Since the tent was still unoccupied, officers dismantled it and brought it to VPD. If you are missing your tent, please call the Valdez Police Department with descriptors to claim.

ETOH Pedestrian: An intoxicated male was reported as staggering around on the Duck Flats and lunging at passing cars. Officers were initially unable to locate the staggering person, but did eventually find a male individual matching the description curled up asleep on the dirt path running parallel to the Richardson Highway. Officers woke the individual and gave him a ride home to Aleutian Trailer Court.

Found Property: A Mongoose bike was found at Crooked Creek. Contact the VPD with descriptors to claim.

Animal Information: Animal control checked on an individual's dog while they were temporarily unable to care for it.

May 29

Animal Impound: While on patrol, an officer found a husky dog layng in the road. The officer impounded the dog for safekeeping.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local bar. It was found a patron exiting the building might have slammed the door too hard causing the alarm to trip.

Animal at Large: A caller reported seeing a dog covered with porcupine quills. The animal control officer attempted to locate the dog but was unsuccessful.

Found Property: An envelope with a receipt and money was found. Dispatch left a message for the person on the receipt to call VPD to claim the money.

Camping Prohibited: A city employee called to report a motorhome parked in a "No Camping" designated area for the past three weeks. Responding officers were unable to locate anyone in the vicinity of the vehicles so a warning sticker advising the owner to remove the vehicle or it would be towed was applied to the camper.

Bear Incident: A bear was reported trying to get into a dumpster. The bear was gone by the time the Animal Control Officer arrived. The ACO found a bear carcass in the dumpster and requested to have the dumpster emptied.

Animal at Large: A loose cockatiel was reported in the Robe River subdivision. The Animal Control Officer was unable to capture the lost bird.

Animal Noise: A caller reported a dog was barking for the past four hours. An officer arrived in the area and found the dog to be still barking nonstop. The owner of the animal was not home. Officers were able to contact them by phone. The owner of the residence received a citation for Continuous Noise by an Animal.

Domestic Disturbance: A couple came into VPD's lobby in the midst of a verbal argument about money. One party requested officer assistance. After much discussion, the parties agreed to separate for the night.

May 30

Welfare Check: An extremely intoxicated individual contacted the Valdez Police Department, which resulted in officers conducting a welfare check on that person. The man declined transport to the hospital, opting to "sleep it off" instead.

Motor Vehicle Collision – Damages: Motor Vehicle Crash forms were issued following an incident where one driver backed into another parked vehicle on private property.

Public Service: The fifth-grade class presented the animal shelter with a check for $300.

Hazmat: A fuel sheen was reported on Airport Road. Police officers and fire personnel responded and DEC was notified.

Camping: Officers stickered a vehicle for camping in an area where camping was prohibited. Officers returned later in the day and the vehicle had moved on.

Animal at Large: A dog was reported to be stuck on a chain by the Kelsey Dock. The Animal Control Officer collected the dog and was able to return it to its owner.

Trespass: The manager of an apartment building requested officers trespass an individual from the building as they are not a tenant, but frequenting a friend's apartment and causing issues. The nontenant was trespassed.

Stop and FI: While on patrol, an officer found several juveniles and young adults having a bonfire. All parties at the bonfire were advised to clean up after themselves or they would be issued citations for littering.

Welfare Check: A woman from out of state requested a welfare check on her husband whom she had not heard from since early in the morning. Officers were unable to check on the status of the individual as the complainant couldn't give any information regarding a possible location for the subject.

EM Case Work: Two clients on electronic monitoring provided mandatory urinalysis samples and passed.

May 31

Stop and FI: An officer made contact with a person sleeping in a hammock on the awning next to the Small Boat Harbor launch area. The officer advised it was not a good place to camp and to take down the hammock.

Animal Information: The Animal Control Officer was notified there was a cat living in an abandoned trailer in Valdez Mobile Home Park. The ACO was unable to capture the cat, but will continue to try.

Abandoned Vehicle: A vehicle was reported to be left at Glacier View Mobile Home Park for two days. Officers responded to find the vehicle was no longer there. The owner had moved it to the Valdez Glacier viewing area. The owner was advised to move it as that is not a good spot to leave the vehicle. The owner complied and moved the vehicle.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a man who had not been heard from in awhile. Officers made contact with him, and he called his friend to let them know he was ok.

Vagrancy: Officers had vehicles and property towed from an area where camping is prohibited after warning the owner numerous times to vacate the area.

Agency Assist: A welfare check was requested for an individual out of state. VPD contacted the local agency in the subject's area to perform the welfare check.

Agency Assist: VPD responded with VFD to an active fire alarm.

Possible Drunk Driver: VPD dispatch received a report of a possible drunk driver swerving all of the road near the Ferry Terminal. Officers responded and found the driver to be negative of any impairments.

Stop and FI: While on patrol, an officer made contact with a juvenile who was enjoying a campfire. The juvenile was advised to clean up after themselves when done. The officer swung back by the site later to verify the juvenile had cleaned up after themself.

Disturbance Other: An officer was flagged down by a concerned citizen who stated two men were fighting by the harbor bathrooms and it sounded like it was over a gun. Officers made contact with the two parties; one of which was highly intoxicated and singing love songs. His friend was assisting him home. No weapons were present.

June 1

Disturbance Other: VPD dispatch received a call from an intoxicated caller who thought their neighbor's house was being broken into. Upon officer arrival, there was no one outside and no suspicious activity indicating a possible burglary. Officers made contact with the caller who was in fact calling about her neighbor tossing her dog's feces back into her yard two days previously.

Agency Assist: Officers responded to a report of a fire alarm going off at a residence.

Suspicious Vehicle: A vehicle was reported to be parked and running next to an RV park for over 45 minutes and the noise and fumes from the diesel engine were disrupting the guests. Officers made contact with a family member of the owner of the vehicle who said they would take care of the issue.

Animal at Large: The Animal Control Officer spoke to a dog owner about their dog running at large after finding it sprawled out in the middle of River Drive. The owner said they would keep it in the yard.

Animal at Large: While on patrol, an officer found a beagle running at large. The officer was unable to capture the dog, but did get it off the highway.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local business in error. Officers contacted the maintenance technician for the building to let them know.

Disturbance Other: Long term tenants in a local hotel were reported to be causing a noise disturbance. Officers made contact with all parties in the room, who agreed to keep it down.

June 2

Camping: An officer advised a man sleeping at the Alpine Woods Park that he was not allowed to camp there. The man agreed and packed up his things.

Disorderly Conduct: Officers issued Disorder Conduct warning to a man after VPD dispatch received a call that he was harassing his neighbors by running his mouth at them and calling them names.

Animal Impound: A small black and gray shihtzu dog was picked up at large by a concerned citizen who didn't want it to be ran over. The Animal Control Officer retrieved the dog and took it back to the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Animal at Large: A chihuahua dog wearing a blue and pink jacket was reported running at large. The caller called back shortly after the report to state the dog had found its owner.

Animal Aggression: An aggressive dog broke its chain and attempted to attack another dog being walked, causing the owner to have to pick up her dog to avoid it being injured. The Animal Control Offficer is currently investigating this case.

Family Issues: Parents came to VPD to speak to an officer about ongoing issues they are having with their juvenile child.

Welfare Check: Concerned family members requested a welfare check on their mother. The mother was fine; she was sleeping and unable to hear knocking on the door.

Total calls for police and animal control: 112

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