Valdez Police Department 

Police blotter

June 3-9, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

June 3

Welfare Check: A pedestrian noticed a boat taking on water while walking by the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. The responding officer turned on the bilge pump which prevented the boat from sinking, while dispatch notified the harbormaster who also responded with their crew.

Fireworks: While on patrol, an officer noticed people shooting off fireworks. The parties involved were issued warning for shooting off fireworks within city limits.

Gunshot Heard: Gunshots were reportedly heard shortly after an officer warned people for shooting off fireworks within city limits.

Disturbance Other: During the same frame of the fireworks call, a caller reported someone was banging on the walls and door of their apartment. Officers spoke with two separate neighbors who stated they had not seen anyone in the area.

Camping: The port office contacted VPD to ask a person sleeping in their vehicle on the Kelsey Dock to vacate the area for the incoming cruise ship. Officers knocked on the door to fin the person awake.; they agreed to move their vehicle.

Disturbance Other: A driver called VPD to report that he got into a verbal altercation with a pedestrian he may or may not have cut off at a crosswalk.

Traffic Hazard: A motorist reported they drove by a woman who appeared to have wrecked her motorcycle on the duck flats. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the area matching the description.

911 Hang Up: VPD dispatch received a 911 hang up.

Disturbance Other: A landlord called regarding ongoing issues.

Disturbance Other: A motorist reported they drove by people having a bonfire right off the bike path between the hatchery and Alyeska. An officer responded to find the fire was in a contained fire ring and already out for the evening upon arrival.

Transport Other: An intoxicated person who was reported to be having a hard time walking was provided transportation home by the responding officer.

Agency Assist: Officers tried to locate a stolen cell phone from Wasilla that was reported to be pinging in Valdez. Officers were unable to locate the phone where it said it was located on the Find my iPhone application.

EM Case Work: Two clients on electronic monitoring provided mandatory urinalysis samples and passed.

Theft: Auriana R. Mounsey DOB 7/26/1998, of Valdez, was issued a summons for Theft 2nd Degree after investigation revealed that she had taken over 120 items from Safeway with an aggregate value of $963.45.

Animal Information: A caller reported their neighbor's dog had no food or water and they were uncertain if anyone had been at the residence. Officers responded to the residence and spoke to the man who is taking care of the dog and found the dog had access to both food and water.

Theft Property: VPD dispatch received a report that a bumper had been stolen from a residence. Officers responded and determined the situation was civil.

June 4

Stop & FI: An officer noticed a highly intoxicated man walking in the parking lot of an apartment building and stopped to speak with him to determine if he needed assistance. The officer determined the man was able to care for himself and was on his way to visit his friend.

Noise Disturbance: Neighbors were reported being extremely loud and partying in an apartment building. Officers responded to the area and all was quiet. Officers attempted to locate the source of the noise; however, the suspected neighbor did not answer the door when officers knocked.

Animal Noise: The Animal Control Officer left a door hanger on a residence after receiving a complaint about their dog continuously barking.

Information: VPD dispatch received a report that a fat bike and backpack were sitting behind a hotel. Officers responded to investigate, but the items were moved prior to their arrival.

Civil Dispute: A previous tenant of a local hotel requested officers help her retrieve her belongings back as the manager was refusing to give them to her. The caller was advised it is a civil issue.

Found Property: A bike was abandoned at a local bar was turned in to VPD.

Prohibited Camping: While on patrol, an officer found a man camping in an area in which camping is prohibited. The man was advised to leave and he agreed to move elsewhere.

Animal Impound: A large black lab was picked up in the Valdez Mobile Home Park and dropped off at the Valdez Animal Shelter.

Possible Drunk Driver: A caller reported an intoxicated woman got in her small green vehicle at the dog park and left with her boyfriend and two kids. Officers were unable to find any vehicles in the area matching the description.

Foot Patrol: An officer went on foot patrol at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor.

June 5

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated at a local business. Officers responded to find they had just closed up for the nigh and everything was fine.

Lost Property: A white crane card, with VFDA written on it, was lost in the Valdez area. It looks like a credit card but a little thicker. If found, please contact VPD or return to VFDA.

Bear Incident: A cinnamon bear was spotted near Gunion's Auto.

Animal at Large: A brown pit bull was alleged to have come into the yard and attacked the caller's dog who was tied up. The dog received minor injuries. The Animal Control Officer was unable to locate any loose dogs in the area.

Motor Vehicle Collision Damage: A two-vehicle collision happened in the parking lot at the Valdez airport. Officers gave both parties Alaska Motor Vehicle Crash forms.

Theft Property: The City of Valdez Public Works Department reported they had a culvert stolen last fall. Upon investigation, a local contractor thought it was theirs and will return the culvert.

Civil Problem: A man called VPD to speak to an officer regarding moving property off his friend's yard. The said property is the friend's neighbors who has been advised multiple times to remove it.

Found Property: A license plate was turned in to VPD. Dispatch contacted the owner who agreed to stop by the next day to pick up.

Found Property: A cell phone was turned in to VPD. Shortly after, the owner came in and retrieved it.

Agency Assist: VPD received a report of a light brown sheen on the water by the Kelsey Dock. VPD contacted ADEC and USCG.

June 6

Disturbance Noise: A person sleeping in their boat in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor called VPD to complain about fishermen operating the crane. Officers responded to find the workers were extremely quiet. No action was taken.

Burglar Alarm: Officers were requested to check a local business after their burglar alarm went offline. Officers determined the power outage was the cause and made sure the building was secure.

Animal at Large: A German shepherd was reported running at large. Officers spoke to the owner who already had it on a leash.

Parking: Parks and Recreation called in a trailer blocking a P&R building preventing them from doing work. VPD contacted the owner of the trailer who agreed to move it.

Burglar Alarm: A burglar alarm was activated in error at a local business by maintenance workers working on the alarm system.

Neighbor Issues: A caller requested officer assistance for ongoing neighbor issues. Officers gave several options to the parties and warned the neighbors about their noise.

Disturbance Noise: A caller reported their neighbor was playing loud music that woke up their daughter. The neighbor playing the music was contacted by an officer and the neighbor was issued a warning for Disorderly Conduct for playing their music extremely loud causing multiple complaints to VPD.

Civil Dispute: A vehicle was reported parked on private property leaking fluid by the property manager. They were advised it was a civil matter, but dispatch contacted the vehicle owner to let them know.

Citizen Contact: A person came to the VPD lobby to speak to an officer about ongoing issues with four wheelers driving on the bike path. They were advised to contact VPD at the time it occurs as officers have a better chance of catching the offending parties.

Citizen Contact: A person came to the VPD lobby to speak to an officer regarding a trailer they recently purchased which they are having a difficult time gaining possession of it.

EM Case Work: Two clients on electronic monitoring provided mandatory urinalysis samples and passed.

Motor Vehicle Collision: VPD dispatch received a report a motorhome hit a cement post down by the small boat harbor. Officers responded to find there had been no recent collision. The damage to the post was old and the RV was just parked next to it doing some work.

Animal Noise: A dog was reported to have been barking for over fifteen minutes after 10:00 p.m. on Klutina Street. Officers were unable to find/hear any barking dogs in the area when they responded.

Lost Property: A snowboard was reported lost at Thompson Pass at one of the pull outs. If found, please contact VPD.

June 7

Trespassing: A local business requested officers trespass an individual from their establishment.

Parking: The baler staff contacted VPD regarding on ongoing issue of vehicles being parked in from of the dumpster at the end of Alatna Street. Officers contacted the owners of the current vehicles parked in front of the dumpster and advised them to move their vehicles.

Animal DOA: The Animal Control Officer disposed of a dead bird that was called in.

ATV Patrol: An officer patrolled the Valdez area on ATV.

Theft Info: A cargo trailer was reported stolen. Upon investigation, it was determined it was a misunderstanding by the person who took it. They recently purchased a cargo trailer and took the wrong one. The trailer was exchanged for the correct one.

Animal Aggression: Two neighbors were issued warnings for Animal at Large and Aggressive Animals after VPD received a report one of the dogs got loose and attacked the other dog. Neither dog was injured.

Information: A person wanted to speak to an officer about someone possibly living on his boat in dry dock all winter.

Found Property: A pocketknife was turned into VPD after it was found at a local church. Contact VPD to claim.

Phone Person: A man contacted VPD to request assistance to retrieve his belongings from a previous residence.

Animal Bite: An animal bite was reported to have happened at Valdez Mobile Home Park. This is currently under investigation by the ACO.

Fish & Game: Crows were reported to be going "crazy" in front of an apartment building. An officer responded and found there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Agency Assist: VPD assisted Glennallen AST by checking for an overdue motorist.

June 8

Theft Property: A designer purse was reported stolen from the complainant's hotel room while they were out for the day. This is currently under investigation.

Stop & FI: An officer noticed a vehicle parked down at the small boat harbor with its doors open. The officer investigated and found out that it was a fisherman delivering food down to one of the boats.

Citizen Ride Along: An officer gave a citizen a ride-along.

Traffic Hazard: An officer removed part of a vehicle hitch from West Egan.

Agency Assist: Officers responded to a fire call.

Stop & FI: An officer stopped with a vehicle after observing the driver was slumped over in the driver's seat. They had run out of gas and were waiting for a friend to pick them up while waiting. No signs of impairment were observed.

June 9

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on a neighbor who sounded like they were in a lot of pain. Officers responded to find the man was asleep with a CPAP machine on. All was fine.

Animal at Large: The Animal Control Officer assisted a dog owner in retrieving their husky dog who was running at large.

Information: An officer gave the Counseling Center information to a caller.

Found Property: A wallet was turned in to VPD. Please contact VPD to claim.

Total calls for police and animal control: 122


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