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June 10-16, 2019


(Any charges reported in the VPD Blotter are merely accusations and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.)

June 10

Driving with License Revoked: While conducting a routine traffic stop, the officer was advised the driver of the vehicle had a revoked license. Arrested: William Ray Baird II, DOB 09/13/1982, of Valdez, for Driving with License Revoked and 2 counts of Violating Conditions of Release. Baird was released on $250 bail.

Violating Conditions of Release: While in custody, William Ray Baird II, DOB 09/13/1982, of Valdez, was charged with Violating Conditions of Release for violating a no contact order.

Summons: Jessica Stanton, DOB 07/03/1979, of Valdez, was issued a summons for Permitting Unauthorized Driver, for knowingly allowing an individual with a revoked license to drive her vehicle.

Animal DOA: A caller reported a dead sea otter in the inbound lane of the Richardson Hwy in the area of the ski hill. ACO responded and was unable to find any dead sea otter.

Littering: A caller reported a large volume of shrimp carcasses had been dumped near a camp ground site on Dump Rd. ACO confirmed that the amount of shrimp was large enough that it required a coordinated clean up. The baler assisted in the cleanup with a loader.

Lost Property: A caller reported that they lost an iPhone 7 plus. It is in a black Otter Box case with a WWE photo as the screen saver. If found, please bring to VPD.

Aggressive Animal: A caller reported that an aggressive dog tethered to a trailer nipped at them and also reported that another person had been bitten. After investigation, ACO placed the dog on a 10-day in-home quarantine and cited the owner for injury to persons, vaccinations required, and no license.

Weapons-Firearms: A caller reported that their kids thought a neighbor kid had a gun. After investigation, it was found that the child had a rubber band gun, not a real gun.

Found Property: A credit card was turned in to the police department. Owner of the credit card was contacted.

Animal Information: A caller stated that a crane was spotted uninjured, but unable to fly. The crane was reported to be "crabby" and aggressive toward people. ACO reported that everything seemed find with the crane and will check back the next day to make sure it was still okay.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a brown and white dog was standing alone in a parking lot. ACO was notified but was unable to make contact with the dog.

EM Case Work: A client on electronic monitoring provided a mandatory UA and passed.

Possible Theft: A caller reported a possible theft after observing that someone was loading items into a trailer. Officers contacted the subject and found that they did have permission to be there picking up some property.

June 11

Title 47 ETOH: A caller requested assistance with their boyfriend who was extremely intoxicated and becoming aggressive and angry. The boyfriend had nowhere to stay for the night so officers transported him to Valdez Jail where he was released once sober.

Assault Simple: There was an altercation between tenant and a landlord. Both parties were separated.

Animal at Large: A small dog was reported running loose. The owner of the dog was able to catch the dog.

Harassment: A complainant wanted to speak to an officer in regards to their concern about them being evicted. Officers informed them that the did not have any orders to evict them.

Burglary Non Residential: A caller reported someone broke into the snack shack at the ball fields and stole money and snack items. Please contact VPD with any information.

Welfare Check: An individual called VPD requesting help reaching the Valdez Counseling Center. Officers arrived at their residence and were able to help them get in touch with the counseling center.

Civil Issue: Glennallen Towing notified VPD that they were towing a 2011 Ford F350 from Salmonberry Way for repossession.

June 12

Citizen Contact: While on routine patrol, an officer happened upon a motorist having car issues and stopped to assist.

Water Hazard: Water with the smell of diesel was reported to be rising in the Safeway parking lot. Local DEC and city Water Department employees arrived to stop the rising water which occurred after an exposed water pipe began to leak.

Agency Assistance: VPD officers assisted Alaska State Troopers with a search warrant.

Found Property: A caller reported that they found a thin black wallet. The owner of the wallet has been contacted.

Field Contact: A VPD officer contacted an unlicensed street vendor about required permits prior to engaging in commercial sales.

Animal Impound: A stray cat was turned over to the animal shelter.

Welfare Check: An individual called VPD requesting help. Officers arrived at the residence and determined EMS was needed. EMS arrived and transported the individual to the hospital.

Parking Problems: A caller reported a van pulling a large boat was blocking both handicap parking spots at a local business. VPD officers responded but the van was gone on arrival.

Suspicious Vehicle: A caller reported a vehicle parked unattended in an unusual spot. Officers located the vehicle and determined it was not impeding anything.

June 13

ATV: A caller reported someone on a four-wheeler riding on the grass by the dog park. Officers were able to determine that it was a city worker cleaning up the area.

Fish and Game: A caller reported crows around their house were acting funny and scaring their cat. The ACO was able to determine that the crows were nesting behind the caller's building and did not like anyone going back there.

Litter, Pollution, Public Health: A caller reported that they saw someone throw a bag of trash off a cliff. Upon arrival the officer made contact with the subject who picked up the bag of trash they threw.

Animal at Large: A caller reported a dog running around at the small boat harbor. The ACO was unable to make contact with the dog.

Criminal Mischief: Employee from Parks and Rec reported that the lock on the gate at Dock Point had been cut twice in the last three days. Officers went out to investigate and a new lock was placed on the gate.

General Contact: A complainant wanted to speak to an officer about the barrier at the end of Sawmill that kept getting knocked down.

Lost Property: A caller reported that their coworker had lost a wallet.

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted the EMS crew with an unconscious female.

June 14

Parking Problem: A caller reported an unauthorized vehicle was parked for an extended amount of time in a designated parking space. Owners of the vehicle were unable to be contacted. The caller left a note on the unauthorized vehicle.

Parking Problems: A caller reported someone sleeping in their vehicle in an unauthorized area. A subject was contacted and notified they could no "camp" in their vehicle there.

Disturbance Other: A tenant and landlord had a physical altercation over unauthorized items that were on the property. Both parties when their separate ways.

Stop and Field Investigate: An officer stopped to talked with a vehicle towing a tractor after the tractor doors came open while in motion.

Fish and Game: ACO went back out to check on a Sandhill Crane that has been hanging around. ACO stated that the crane was healthy and acting normal.

Disturbance Other: Caller reported possible fight between two people. Officers responded and drove through the reported area but were not able to locate the fighting individuals.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported a couple fighting in the Safeway parking lot. Officers made contact with the couple and found no physical altercation occurred and no crime had been committed. The couple decided to go their separate ways.

Animal DOA: A caller reported an animal carcass on the side of the Betty Cato Bridge. The ACO was able to locate the carcass and dispose of it.

Disturbance Other: A man was reported jumping in front of traffic and flipping people off. Officers made contact with the individual and issued them a disorderly conduct warning.

Family-Neighbor Fights: A caller reported that their girlfriend took off in their vehicle without permission. The vehicle was seen back at the residence later that evening.

Fraud: A caller reported that they had two unauthorized charges to their debit card. A case was dispatched and the caller will be contacting their bank.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported three individuals sneaking around a local business but had left in a vehicle prior to officers' arrival. Once officers made contact with the vehicle, it was found one of the individuals had an outstanding warrant: Warrant Arrest: Wanda Mae Haisley, DOB 02/07/1982, of Palmer, was arrested on a Felony Arrest Warrant out of Palmer for Failure to Appear on original charges of Burglary 2, Criminal Trespass 1 and Theft 4. Haisley is currently being held at the Valdez Jail on $3,000 bail. All three individuals were trespassed from the business.

June 15

Camping Prohibited Area: Officers made contact with two RVs that were camping in a prohibited area.

Alarm-Burglar: Burglar alarm at a local business was activated. Officers arrived at the business to find that it was an accident from closing.

Drill: Officers attended the Triennial Airport Drill.

Bear Related Calls: A caller reported that they were trapped on a bridge because a sow bear and her two cubs were blocking the bike path. When the officer arrived the bears had moved off the path.

Disturbance Other: A caller reported they were being verbally harassed at the docks in the small boat harbor. When officers arrived the subject doing the harassing had left. Officers were unable to locate the subject and advised the caller to call back if they were still experiencing problems.

Traffic Hazzard: A caller reported a vehicle stopped in the middle of the road. Officers made contact with the vehicle and facilitated its removal.

Animal at Large: A loose dog was reported running around the animal shelter. Animal Control Officer made contact with the dog.

Agency Assist: A small amount of oil was reported on the ground. Th fire department was dispatched to clean up the area.

Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an individual whose vehicle had been left running for several hours outside their residence and wasn't answering their door. Officers made contact with the individual and determined they were fine.

Suspicious Person: A caller reported two suspicious persons who were ripping up caution tape. Officers made contact with the individuals; they had old caution tape they had picked up and were going to throw away.

Welfare Check: Officers conducted a welfare check after dispatch received a call from what appeared to be a highly intoxicated individual. Officers contacted the individual who was passed out on their garage floor; they were able to get up and make their way inside their residence to go to bed.

June 16

Assist EMS Crew: Officers assisted EMS crew with an intoxicated female.

Title 47 ETOH: An intoxicated female was transported to Valdez Jail. She was held in protective custody until she was sober.

Motor Vehicle Collision: A vehicle was reported to have flipped over on Thompson Pass. A patient was transported as a result of the collision.

Animal at Large: A dog was reported running loose by Harris Sand and Gravel. The ACO was unable to make contact with the dog.

ETOH Pedestrian: Multiple callers reported an intoxicated man undressing and defecating near the highway. Officers responded and transported the individual home.

Patrol on Foot: An officer conducted a foot patrol at Valdez Small Boat Harbor.

Criminal Mischief: A caller reported they saw someone destroying a barrier at the end of Sawmill Road. Officers made contact with the subject who moved the barrier for quicker access to their residence since they were having vehicle trouble. They put the barrier back once they made their way through.

Total calls for police and animal control: 125


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